Akane eimura dating kii hiragi

akane eimura dating kii hiragi

Oshieda-sensei not only does she immediately memorize her dance steps, but near-effortlessly dodges ants at her feet while. Ruri Akutsu (, Akutsu Ruri ) Voiced by: Sayaka Senbongi 8 Akuru's little sister who is in the fifth grade. To make matters worse, both treat him more as an underling (although he does bring this upon himself due to his shy nature). Blonde, Brunette, Redhead : The Redhead to Kii's Blonde and Kuroko's Brunette. Aho Gru" Ageha Kochoran August 8, 2017 During the beach trip, the Chairwoman tries to get closer to Akuru, but is buried in sand by Yoshiko. Aho Girl!" "Rgo mo Anshin! Yoshiko and the playground kids attend a super sentai show.

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Jerkass : Aside from her plans to get A-kun and Yoshiko laid, she becomes downright unpleasant to any girl that hangs around A-kun (considering them a threat to her plans frequently tormenting the Iinchou for having big breasts and harassing Sayaka by flipping her skirt. After a week of not bothering him, she greets him politely in a normal fashion, much to Yoshiko's shock. However, she tends to listen and participate in Yoshiko's schemes, and is sometimes unwillingly manipulated by her.

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Aho Girl!" "Tenshi no Yna! Hot for Student : Because she's twenty-eight and desperate, she begins to eye A-kun, much to his annoyance. Would Hit a Girl : Zigzagged. Yoshiko invites the kids from the park to a local Pachi Rangers hero show that she's hosting, but gets too involved in the story. Ignore The Fanservice : He completely ignores Yoshiko and the Iinchou's various attempts to seduce him. At home, Akuru agrees to watch Yoshiko's dog, and forms a bond with him over a Western movie. No Name Given : Her real name is unknown. Mis-blamed : After saving a boy from being hit by a car, the boy's mother discovers him in Dog's mouth, and assumes Dog was attacking him. Yoshiko, Sayaka and the Head Monitor break into Akuru's room to find out what he would like for his birthday.